YGexpert 外籍人才通



Ken B, North Carolina, U.S.A.

I would recommend YG to teachers that want security in knowing they will be allowed to be creative in teaching; they will be paid on time; they will have the necessary assistance to find the things they need.

Keir S., Saskatoon, Canada

After starting with YG, I was pleasantly surprised by the help I received with finding an apartment in rural Taiwan, getting settled into my school, and getting all of my paperwork in order. Jason even helped me go door to door in Jingshan to find an apartment, as there were very few listings available online. I think the thing that was most pleasing was the positive attitude of YG staff and my coworkers, and the friendly atmosphere that I found waiting for me when I arrived in Taiwan – I knew right away that I was important, and that I was in a good place.

Not only would I recommend YG to others, I already have. YG has been a help full, professional agency, and I’ve felt nothing but kindness and consideration from the staff at YG. The YG team are always eager to help, and I never feel uncomfortable asking for assistance when I really need it. YG is a trustworthy, honest, hardworking team of good people, and their great attitude is part of the all round positive experience I’ve had over the past two years. I’m looking forward to signing up for another contract with YG soon.


Greg L., California, U.S.A.

YG did a great job of making my move to Taiwan as painless as possible. They got me set up in an apartment of my specification within a few days after arrival, and they assisted me in all the little, basic necessities that are impossible for those that can’t read Chinese. They also provided a good estimation of costs for the first few months in Taiwan.