Gwang Fu


The City! Yep – 2 million people, the center of finance and commerce, with the 101 and modern art and all the rest. If you’re a city person, then THIS is the spot for you! Right now two classes remain – gymnastics and drama. In this state-sponsored program you’ll teach language through DOING! No tests, no homework, rather activities – to make the connection between ideas and language.

And the campus? A cinder block castaway? NO WAY! Look at those pictures ! From its own video production studio down to the two indoor hard wood basketball courts (one with a skylight!) and indoor tennis court, our Gwang Fu campus is quite literally breathtaking. Don’t forget the dance studios and gymnastics room. An amazing facility from which you can plan you amazingly fun classes.

You work with a team of nineteen other licensed educators through teamwork and action! Letting kids have FUN learning English. Setting up little epiphanies in the action. So, if you are a state licensed or credentialed teacher seeking an incredible opportunity, then please send your resume and a copy of your state-issued teacher’s license.