The Wonderland Program

The Wonderland Program is in Taipei, Taiwan and is part of the public school system. The Wonderland program is all activity-based. Learning through doing.

Our goal is to provide students with so many chances to cognitively get “wins” in English that, when junior and senior high approach, and they need to choose classes - which can define their opportunities well into the future - they naturally say, “Oh. English? Sure, I get English. I’ll take that class.”

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At each location you can develop your own class – if you are a music teacher you could teach a music class. If you are an art teacher, you could teach art. Or, teach one of the existing subjects.


Use fun activities as a vehicle for comprehension. No mill and drill – get out of your seats, get outdoors! Let students learn English IN THE PROCESS OF DOING THINGS and having fun.


You’ll work with teams of from four to nine other native English-speaking licensed school teachers.


Passionate educators who like impactful lessons and learning by doing; teachers who can measure progress by the amount of speaking and thinking a lesson or activity encourages are who we are looking for.

Complete support from the state, state-of-the-art classrooms and campuses – everything you need to make classes interesting is provided.